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Services available at the MCC Workshop

Electronics and mechanical repair

At MCC Workshop, we specialize in the repair, modification, and restoration of older era technologies – specifically those made or designed before 1990. We also can repair, redesign, or modify unusual, custom, or one-off electronic, electrical, and electromechanical devices or systems of any kind, and from any era. Please contact us for details!

  • Audio equipment
  • electronic Musical instruments & equipment
  • Small appliances.
  • Electromechanical and electronic Toys.
  • Vintage Computing and computer systems.
  • Automotive audio, CB, instruments and other electronic equipment.

We can also do On-Site automotive work on Pre- 1993 vehicles in the following areas:

  • Automotive electrical repair and restoration.
  • Automotive Diagnostics, Tuning & troubleshooting.
  • vacuum systems and power accesories.
  • Stock Carburetor rebuilding.
  • Automotive audio, CB, instruments and other electronic equipment.

Here are some things we DO NOT repair

  • Repair or maintenance of general consumer electronics after 1990 – TV, DVD, etc.
  • Any repair of modern portable devices – Cell/PDA/MP3 Player, etc.
  • Consumer level Desktop PC support.
Custom fabrication and prototyping.

We can design, build, and modify a large number of electronic, electrical and elctromechanical devices and systems. Whether it is to fill a specific operational need, or developing prototypes and proof of concept devices, we can help! Feel free to Please contact us about your needs!

  • Electronic, electromechanical and light mechanical device fabrication
  • Fabrication of Prototypes, design exercises, or custom equipment and systems
  • Control, instrumentation and monitoring systems.
  • Automotive and Specialty Vehicle electrical/electronic systems and customization.
  • Control panels, instrument panels, embedded control systems.
  • Electronic and mechanical assembly services.
  • Custom Wood Cabinetry, consoles and enclosures.

We do not provide general machine shop services, We can specify and contract them out for you as part of a larger project

Technical Consulting

The MCC Workshop can provide technical advice, installation, repair and design help. The following are examples. Most of these projects will be decided on a case by case basis. Please contact us for details.

  • Product design assistance and guidance.
  • Alternative energy systems
  • Professional Audio systems
  • Stage and studio light systems.
  • Security and monitoring systems
  • Access control systems
  • Closed Circuit TV and video surveillance
  • Local Computer network (LAN) design, installation and administration
  • Custom Home Automation design and install
  • Custom Home Theater – Design, installation, programming and repair.
  • Specialty Vehicle systems – Communications/Lighting/Audio/Video/Power
  • Home Alternative energy projects – Design and fabrication assistance.
  • Arcade style games/pinball repair and restoration.
  • Alternative energy vehicle design and fabrication.
  • Prototype testing and verification services.
  • Custom automotive audio system installation.

Design capabilities include

  • General Electronic and mechanical design.
  • Discrete Digital logic
  • Embedded controls
  • Audio equipment
  • Local power control and distribution systems
  • Process monitoring
  • Command & Control systems of all types.
  • Video and audio distribution/monitoring

We do not do Radio Frequency (RF) Electronic design!

Please contact the MCC Workshop for further details. Please be as specific as possible about your project, including model numbers, serial numbers if available, detailed description of problems, the scope of your project, or your requirements.

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