Trait |<–|—|—|—- Range —-|—|—|—>| Trait
Introverted |……….X………………………..| Extraverted
Candid |……………………..X………….| Considerate
Impulsive |…………..X…………………….| Cautious
Excitable |………………….X……………..| Relaxed
Practical |………………X…………………| Imaginative
Concrete |…………………………….X…..| Abstract
|<–|—|—|—- Range —-|—|—|—>|

Your Social Boldness: Introverted VS Extraverted
You are moderately introverted. I bet you hear this a lot,
“You are so nice.” That is because you do not have a
brash, bold personality, instead you are warm and friendly
and a pleasure to be around. You are not into the wild,
crazy nightlife scene. To you a nice social atmosphere
tends to be a quieter, more comfortable place where you can
spend time with good friends. Your cooperative nature is
especially pleasant in a group atmosphere where decisions
must be made. You may not always be the person who
initiates conversations or talks first in a meeting, but
when you have something important to say you are willing to
share it. At times you can be shy, but this does not mean
that you are being standoffish, just that you are cautious
and need time to assess the situation.

Your Agreeableness: Candid VS Considerate
You are moderately considerate. You are an agreeable
person. This means that you are well liked and people
really enjoy your company. And why wouldn’t they? People
can sense that you are taking a genuine interest in them
and this makes them feel special and as a result, they have
high regards for you. With your altruistic personality, you
get a lot of practice at making people feel special. In
fact, you feel great joy when you help others. Another nice
feature you possess is your ability to cooperate. Not
everyone can do this, so it is very important in a meeting
or social situation to have someone like you present in
order to maintain a harmonious situation. This comes from
your tendency to want equality and fairness. In dealing
with others, you prefer not to manipulate people instead
you tend to be open and sincere. This makes you a popular
and well-respected individual.

Your Self-Control: Impulsive VS Cautious
You are moderately impulsive. At times you can be
impulsive, but not to the point where you are jeopardizing
work or relationships. You know when to follow rules, but
you also know when to bend rules that are not set in stone.
If your home or work space gets a little messy, you do not
get upset or feel compelled to tidy up. You do not have to
have perfect order in your life to feel good about yourself
or your environment. You tend to be more on the fun side of
spontaneity, and enjoy being flexible with your plans and
your life. In general, you prefer to make short-term goals
rather than long-term goals.

Your Anxiety Level: Excitable VS Relaxed
You are slightly relaxed. You have the ability to cope just
fine in stressful situations. You feel the stress and
frustration in pressure-filled situations, but you are able
to overcome any negative feelings. You tend to worry
slightly, but not enough to interfere with your activities.
If you are experiencing a tough time in your life, you are
able to stave off feelings of depression. You are able to
think clearly and realistically in difficult circumstances,
so that you can devise a sensible solution. Sometimes you
can be impatient, other times you can be relaxed – it just
depends on the circumstance and how much you can control
it. People are not afraid that you will lose your temper.
You are able to manage your emotions when necessary. When
you do become angry, it is only because something is out of
your power.

Your Openness to Change: Practical VS Imaginative
You are slightly practical. It is apparent to those who
meet you that you are well educated. You are able to speak
on a complex level to one audience, but adjust to a more
basic level for another. You are bright and capable of
thinking logically. On one hand you are down-to-earth and
traditional, while on the other hand you are creative and
imaginative. Sometimes you feel more comfortable with
familiarity and routine in your life, other times new and
novel experiences are more enjoyable. You are not afraid to
try new things. You tend to like to do a variety of
different activities, so you do not grow bored.

The way you Think/Reason: Concrete VS Abstract
You are quite abstract in your thinking. You tend to be
quick to grasp ideas, are a fast learner and intelligent.
You possess a hallmark of intelligence that potentially
separates human beings from earlier life forms, the ability
to think about future consequences before acting on an
impulse. Your reasoning activity involves contemplation of
long-range goals, organizing and planning routes to these
goals, and persisting toward one’s goals in the face of
short-lived impulses to the contrary. You also have keen
interests in intellectual matters and love to play with
ideas and think theoretically. You tend to be open-minded
to new and unusual ideas, and like to debate intellectual
issues. You often enjoy riddles, puzzles, and brainteasers.


(1) The report sent to your computer screen upon the
completion of this assessment is only a temporary web page.
When you exit your web browser you will not be able to
return to this URL to re-access your report. A copy of the
report is emailed directly to you when you complete the

(2) Personality traits describe, relative to other people,
the frequency or intensity of a person’s feelings,
thoughts, or behaviors. Possession of a trait is therefore
a matter of degree. We might describe two individuals as
extraverts, but still see one as more extraverted than the
other. This report uses expressions such as “extravert” or
“high in extraversion” to describe someone who is likely to
be seen by others as relatively extraverted.

(3) Please keep in mind that scores on a personality
assessment are neither good nor bad. As with any
personality inventory, scores and descriptions can only
approximate an individual’s actual personality. Questions
about the accuracy of your results are best resolved by
reviewing and discussing your report with people who know
you well.

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