Med Cruise 1978

On April 4, 1978 the Adams once again departed Mayport for the Mediterranean.  We would not return to Mayport until September 22, 1978. This Med Cruise was quite full, and we visited many different ports and countries.

Among some of the highlights,
We were called to Theoule Sur Mer, France from Aug 14-17 to participate in their  day celebrations.

May 5 through May 8 we visited Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, while there was still a Yugoslavia. A beautiful town, we were not allowed past the city limits, and this was the ONLY port I can recall where we had to wear uniforms ashore, so we could be identified. Pure “Show the flag, it was a fun, and educational, time.

Most of the month of June, we were moored at the Hellenic Shipyard, Skaramxlga, Greece, to do some major repairs to the missile launcher.

On Jul 26 we sailed up The Dardanelles, and Transited Bosporus Straits. One of the most beautiful journeys I think I have taken. From there we went into the Black Sea for several days to spy on the Russian Fleet anchorage, and their brand new ship the Kiev.

Aug 1, saw us beginning a two week stay at Marseille, France. However, we were suddenly called away to make a hasty trip to……. Theoule Sur Mer, France, to participate in the Cross of Lorraine monument Liberation day celebrations. That be part of the French Riviera.

Most of September we spent in the North Atlantic learning to walk on the walls and ceilings. During the entire time the ship never stopped moving violently. And that was the purpose. In their perverse mind, the Navy decided they wanted to see if a warship could actually operate in that environment. I enjoyed rough weather, and much of this was OK with me, the sleeping was fantastic. However after about the second week, it started to get old, and people were wondering how the ship was taking the pounding.

Arrive Lisbon Portugal
Inport, Sfax, Tunisia
Underway for Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Inport Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Underway, Sixth Fleet operations
Training Anchorage, Souda Bay, Crete
Underway for Operation D a r n Patrol 78
Operation D m Patrol 78
Underway, Transit to Athens, Greece
-red at Hellenic Shipyard, Skaramxlga, Greece
Underway, Task Group Operations
Transit Dardanelles, Transit Bosporus Straits,
Enter Black Sea
Black Sea Operations
Underway, Transit to Naples, Italy
Inport, Naval Station, Naples, Italy
Underway, Sixth Fleet Operations
Underway, National wSek XXV
Underway for Marseille, France
Inport, Marseille, France
Inport Theoule Sur Mer, France
Inport, Alassio,,~taly
Underway for Operational Beadiness hspection
Underway for Naval Station Rota, Spain
Brief stop for fuel and supplies in Rota
Underway, Transit North Atlantic
Underway, Exercise Northern Wding w i t h
Standing Naval Forces, Atlantic
Underway, Transit to Naval Station, W A , Spain
Brief stop for fuel and supplies in Rota
Underway for Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Inport, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Underway for Exercise Display Determination
Exercise Display Determination
Underway, for Malaga, Spain
Inport, Malaga, Spain
Turnover Operations with relief ship, USS JOHN
KING (-3)
Underway for Naval Station Mayport, FL
Arrive Mayport

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