A Cat Named Luna

We found Luna on May 20, wedged into the side door track of my Chevy Project Van. I had decided to clean it out, mostly on a whim, so I could take the pictures on this site. She was pretty scraggly, and in a position I do not think she could have gotten out of, or the Momma cat could have gotten into. The temp was to be 100 degrees that day. I am so lucky to have found her.

We think she was about 3 weeks old, her eyes had just started to open, so that means she was born about May 1, a full moon, hence the name – Luna.

We nursed her on a bottle for about 4 weeks, and then, since we have another senior cat, she was, willingly on IAMs dry cat food, same as Oscar. We took her to the vet the day after we found her. She had worms – duh, and med-ded her eyes for a while, as well as gave her some anti-biotics.

So far, Luna is crazy. Not always, it is like a switch. One minute calm and oh so cuddley, and the next, running through the house at warp factor five, knocking everything off of everything, and latching, spiderman style, to things, furniture and people, with her claws. But, she is still a kitten (I think she is schizoid, but smart, and extremely lovable). So far she has not learned the grace of a cat, and so her leaps and jumps do not always end up as intended, or where intended. It is, however hilarious to watch (and a normal part of kittenhood). I firmly believe she is a cross between Rabbit (her back legs and stance), squirrel (tail, energy level and the way she leaps and “flits” about) and cat. OK, that is three parents, but.. Maybe she is alien?

Here are the pictures we have. I will be adding more as we take them. We are so lucky to have found her, as not only did she need us right then, but we needed her just as much. Luna is truly a gift, found almost exactly a year after we lost Chester.

You can click on any picture to see it full size (Much bigger :-) ..

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